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Enhance your holiday experience in Greece with all our new exclusive cruises for swimming & snorkeling in some of the best beaches of Halkidiki. Dive from the boat, swim in crystal clear waters, enjoy sandy beaches, explore the underwater world, relax under the sun and live authentic Greek moments! The very definition of the eulogized Greek summer of sun, sea and sand.

Just choose your favorite swimming cruise and let us take you on a journey that you will always remember!

CRUISE #5: Swimming in Vourvourou and Drenia or Ammouliani. Departure from Ouranoupolis

We start from the port of Ouranoupolis at 15:30 and head towards to the northeast coast of Sithonia. After one hour of sailing we reach at the famous “Blue Waters” of Diaporos island. Diaporos is right across Vourvourou village in Sithonia and it is a magnificent island situated on a small bay and surrounded by a natural forest. We drop anchor here and we have one hour to swim in the crystal clear water, explore the several secluded coves surrounded by pine trees and sandy beaches, or snorkel in many reefs of this place with astonishing pure beauty.

At 17:30 we pull anchor and start the sail to the islands of Drenia or the island of Ammouliani.

The islands of Drenia or otherwise Donkey Islands is a group of 6 small islands off the southern tip of Ammouliani island and just 2 miles off the coast of Ouranoupolis. With turquoise waters, white sand and an enchanting landscape that makes them look exotic, Drenia is one of the most beautiful secrets of the region. Our boat stops here for one hour swimming and snorkeling.

Alternatively and depending on the conditions of winds, instead of Drenia we can choose to stop in the wonderful beaches of Ammouliani island for swimming and snorkeling.

At 19:00 we set sail back to Ouranoupolis where we arrive at 19:30.

CRUISE #6: Swimming in Vourvourou, Drenia and Ammouliani. Departure from Ormos Panagias

Our cruise begin at 10:00 from the port of Ormos Panagias in Sithonia and head southeast to Vourvourou. After 30 minutes of sailing we reach a small bay "kryftos" where the island of Diaporos is located. Diaporos is an uninhabited island, the biggest one from a group of 9 islands, opposite of Vourvourou. We drop anchor here for an hour where you have the chance to swim in crystal clear water also known as "Blue waters", explore the underwater world, and enjoy the beautiful Greek sun.

Afterwards we set sail northern for the island of Ammouliani, a small picturesque island with natural beauty which is the only inhabited island of Halkidiki. We stay here for one hour and depending of the winds we explore the astonishing beaches of the island and the enchanting landscape. One of the most impressive beaches of the island is the wonderful “alykes” where we insert a refreshing bath break.

While the boat continues its tour along the south coastline rewarding us with some of the most beautiful natural landscapes an eye can see, such as the wonderful “karagatsi” bay and spectacular beaches of mousiou, tratovoli and faka. We will have plenty of time to enjoy the spectacular scenery, dive from the boat and relax under the sun.

We end up at a natural heaven, a marvelous place which looks like a painting. A complex of 6 small islands known as “Drenia” or “Donkey islands” (gaidouronisia in Greek).
We stay here for two hours, a perfect opportunity for swimming in crystal clear water, snorkeling around and exploring some of the amazing secluded beaches of islets. And after all that you have enough time to enjoy your lunch or drink a glass of ouzo in the seafront traditional tavern of the island.

At 15:30 we pull anchor and sail back towards Ormos Panagias, where we arrive at 16:30. During the return journey keep your eyes open for dolphins as we cross their swimming waters. If you're lucky enough you will get some snapshots that will make your cruise experience unforgettable.

Cruise to Mount ATHOS + Swimming at DRENIA. Departure from Ouranoupolis (CRUISE #9) and Ormos Panagias (CRUISE #10)

With this cruise you have the perfect opportunity to combine a lifetime sightseeing trip to the Mount Athos peninsula as well as an unforgettable swimming experience in the picturesque islands of Drenia, a wonderful group of islets with secluded sandy beaches and turquoise waters.

Our boat begins from the port of Ormos Panagias in Sithonia at 10:00. We sail northeast toward the port of Ouranoupolis where is taking place the embarkation of the passengers who have chosen Ouranoupolis as their port of embarkation.

After the embarkation procedure is completed we start our round cruise to the Mount Athos monasteries. More information about this seductive, spiritual itinerary in the monastic centre you can find by referring to our Cruises to Mount Athos page. Keep your camera ready and prepare to enjoy a breathtaking amazing experience once you lived you will always remember.

After a 2 hours sightseeing cruise to an Unesco world heritage site we reach in Drenia where we drop anchor for 2 hours. You have enough time to swimming or snorkeling around, or to enjoy traditional Greek food in the seafront tavern of the island.

At 15:00 we pull anchor and set sail to Ouranoupolis for disembarkation. At 15:30 we start our journey back to Ormos Panagias where we arriving at 16:30.

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