A luxury new boat of 140 seats, divided into the upper deck, the inner living room and the outdoor lounge. She travels over the seas of Halkidiki with scheduled cruises and on full chartering (Vip Cruises) on the routes and points as chosen by its passengers.

The scheduled cruises are either with religious character, the guided round cruise of Mount Athos, or marine cruises, excursions visiting exotic beaches for swimming and relaxation.

The boat’s spaces are ideal for individuals and for groups as well, selecting the destination they wish for each case.Calypso is inspired by the boat of Jacques-Yves Cousteau, and was named so by Stathis Psihogios, her owner.

It is about a vision he made reality through his love and passion he has over the years of the sea and its world.

The Captain, the owner, and we the people of the “Calypso” would like to welcome you on board and wish a nice sea trip with us!